Why Trends Come Back

The most repeated phrase regarding fashion I hear every single year is "the (insert decade)'s are back!" but that's pretty hypocritical since right before making this statement I hear "Ugh! The (insert the same decade)'s were terrible!" and every single time I go shopping with my mom, she says "I used to have a (insert clothing item) that looked just like this one"

(Image not mine; Source: "la bella figura"; weebly.)

Example 1: Last year's button down skirt

(Source: Brandy Melville, Model: Alexis Ren.)

This trend was pretty big somewhere in between 2015 and 2016, I haven't seen many of this skirt this year due to two things: a) I had several versions of this item and I am sick of it being everywhere. b) many people probably do as well.

(Clueless, Movie. 1995)

As you can see in the picture above, Alicia Silverstone (Cher) and Brittany Murphy (Tai) are wearing "button down" skirts. This film came out in 1995, which was 22 years ago now.

Example 2: Tees and Slips

(Source: Splash News, Kendall Jenner)

I personally love simple tees under slip dresses to dress down something I would not normally wear on the daily. I haven't seen much of it in the last few months though.

(Jennifer Aniston as Rachel in Friends.)

Example 3: Baby Hair

(Source: Unknown, We Heart iT App)

This trend is mainly big on girls of color, but I have also seen a few white girls sporting this trend. I do like this trend when it's not over done or the hairs are not too long. If they're that long just comb them back, or it could end up in looking trashy.

(Source: Getty Images)

Example 4: The 2000's.

The fact that the 00's were a topic to joke about in the last years but now they are a trend.

Even I laughed at the whole 2000 aesthetics (with that I mean the iconic looks Ashley Tisdale wore on events, etc). But girls adopting the 00's ways kind of is the equivalent of 90's kids going back to grunge, except maybe we are a little too young to be 90's kids.

The whole modernized 00's vibe consists on glitter, pink, fur, fluffy coats and being fabulously extra. And I am more than happy with my leopard coat.

But I can't help but wonder why this happens.

After several hours of giving this investigation some thought, I've decided to ask the gorgeous Kaylee Baker.

Kaylee is a 17 year old social media influencer, total fashion lover and YouTuber with over 77,000 subscribers on her channel.

Why do you think trends keep repeating themselves?

Kaylee: "I just think that people look back at old photos or magazines of celebrities and decide to put their own modern twist on it".

What about old trends that used to be laughed at and now are big, such as the 80's and 00's?

Kaylee: "Our generation now takes the trends we've made fun of and recreates them to look more modernized and in style".

What is your favorite old trend?

Kaylee: "I would say the old style of sunglasses that were worn in the 2000's".

What is your least favorite old trend?

Kaylee: "Puffy sleeves and shoulder pads!!"

Kaylee was really sweet and nice, remember to check out Kaylee's channel if you haven't already. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwJXm0rfUP-9g_f

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