Makeup Removing Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Hey girlies! As it is one of my first posts I decided to start with the basics and give you tips from my personal knowledge on how I would typically remove my makeup. In future posts I will be giving advice and recommendations for each skin type individually or as a whole post. If you're new to my blog, feel free to subscribe, comment or contact me to get in touch.

First things first

Step 1 - Cleansing Oil, in this case: Coconut Oil

Why coconut oil?

+ Its natural, works for every skin type including sensitive (not if you're allergic to coconut oil)

+ Its gentle, therefore can be used to remove eye makeup,

+ Effective.

*It's important to make sure that the oil is organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed.


Melt the solidified oil with your hands and gently rub into dry skin, concentrating in areas such as heavy eye makeup and heavy contour, foundation, etc.

By using coconut oil to remove heavy makeup, you're breaking the "makeup barrier" between your face and makeup.

Step 2 - Wipes

Why wipes?

+ Get rid of the oil residue

+ Get rid of the oil-melted makeup


- Makeup wipes leave a residue that could end up breaking you up terribly.


Simply wipe away that oily mess, toss the wipes in the bin and continue with step 3.

DO NOT start with makeup wipes or use them alone.

This is a sin I have committed myself and most makeup junkies. If you start removing with wipes you are not getting rid of as much makeup, you are spreading germs all over your face and are simply wasting those little wet towels.

Step 3 - Face Wash

Why face wash?

+ Use a more gentle cleanser instead of a stronger one to not over-dry.

+ Get rid of makeup leftovers

+ Get rid of oil and wipe leftovers


Rub all over your face and rinse away like any usual cleanser.

After completely rinsing, continue with step 4.

Step 4 - Moisturize

Why moisturize?

+ So you don't over-dry your skin


Is your skin dry? Oily? Combination?

+ I personally prefer gel, water based formulas over cream ones because they're a good match for oily, combination skin and because they don't really break me out. Thicker, cream ones work better with dry and older skin.


A good eye cream should decrease puffiness and darkness along with bringing moisture to the area and preventing wrinkles.

I may add that it's never too soon to start preventing.

(Stay tuned for a post all about eye creams)

Next morning, before putting on makeup pick up a cotton pad and dab some micellar water.

After that, moisturize your skin and put on makeup if you'd like.

That is it for the first ever post! Feel free to comment or contact me if anything.

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